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Shandong Haidike Medical Products Co., Ltd. persists in providing high quality products, and reshape its confidence in "made in China" products in developed markets, such as Europe and America. In2005, HDK has passed the certification of 9001/13485 quality system of TUV Ps institution in Germany. From 2007 to 2009, guardianship, ultrasonic and inspection products have been certified by EU CE security. In 2010, our company won the market access license of the United States FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

HDK produced medical suture needles (combination sets of needles) using high-quality imported stainless steel materials made. The needle is treated with special process, which makes the needle body smooth, sharpand moderate. The finished products are sterilize and sterilize strictly according to medical products. For convenience, we can according to customer needs, develop a variety of combined needles. Suitable for general surgery, obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of orthopedics, Department of thoracic surgery, Department of Urology, caesarean section, Department of Stomatology, pediatrics, Department of cerebral surgery. At the same time, the polymer bandage and splints and other products are also produced strictly in accordance with the international quality management system standards.


Our company has a manufacturing base with a total area of more than 100 thousand square meters, which meets the needs of global production. The manufacturing base is intellectualized and controlled, so that the management of each link is visualized and standardized. The manufacturing base has a perfect quality management system, and every step of production has strict control standards and traceable management.