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Introduction of elastic bandage in the use of pet treatment

date:2018-07-03 10:41:33 category:Industry news

The elastic bandage is divided into ordinary gauze bandage and self adhesive bandage, combined with splint, to bind and fix the pet affected area.The elastic bandage is made of ordinary gauze bandage and self adhesive bandage, combined with splint. The following are the key points in the clinical use of elastic bandages:

1Appropriate bandages and bandaging methods are selected according to the nature of injury, severity, location of injury, size and shape.

2To make the bandage work well and reduce pain, a pet should be given a sedative before bandaging. Severe fractures should be under general anesthesia.

3When the belt is wrapped, it should start with the annular belt and terminate the annular belt. When the bandage is wrapped, the tightness of the bandage is appropriate and the force is uniform. Each band should cover about 1/2 of the bandage in the front ring to meet the requirements of fully fixing and saving the bandage. In the end, the tape is usually fixed at the end. Or cut the open ends to form the upper end of the two ends, and one end of the end will bypass the limbs in the opposite direction and fix the ends with the other ends.

4The limbs should be bandaged from the end of the heart to the proximal end of the heart. If necessary, the toe should be exposed so as to observe the circulatory status of the limbs.

Elastic bandage binding method:

1Ring wrapping method: the next lap will completely cover the front lap, for the palmar and plantar small wound dressing.

2A spiral wrapping method: Each circle covers 1/2 of the upper circle for palm, metatarsus, trunk and tail.

3A method of wrapping the shape of a snake: each ring is not covered, oblique extension, used to fix the splint and bandage liner.

4Turning bandageUsed chiefly for upper or lower thick areas, such as forearms or small legs.

5Cross dressing: mainly used in wrist and tarsus.

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