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Non absorbable suture (with needle) how to disassemble

date:2018-05-21 16:21:17 category:Industry news

The medical suture can be divided into absorbable suture and non absorbable suture. Usually, when suturing the wound, the inner layer will choose the absorbable suture, gradually dissolve, and do not need to break the line. The outer layer can be made of non absorbable sutures, so special removal is needed in the future. Of course, we can choose absorbable suture according to the characteristics of wound suture time and tissue tension.

Recovery of wound tissue,Every doctor has his own habit of removing stitches. The little editor briefly introduces a method here.

Remove the hands, use the tweezers in the left hand, and scissors in the right hand. The left hand tweezers lift the line on the incision, you will see a line knot, the general county knot will be on the edge of the incision, the line has two "feet", respectively, into the skin on both sides of the incision, the line is cut off one of the "foot" (note: only cut one side). Then the left hand tweezers lift up the thread and pull the cut side out of the skin.

In general, the line in the skin is relatively sterile, so cut the line as short as possible and sterilize with alcohol after the dismantling. It may be a bit painful. It is suggested that Erythromycin Eye Ointment should be smeared with wounds, because the tunnels on the line need to be anti-inflammatory and prevent infection.

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