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Haidike medical absorbable sutures will be sent to Columbia

date:2018-07-09 10:36:26 category:Company news

The medical absorbable sutures produced by Shanxian Haidike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will be sent to Columbia.

The day of July was dry and stuffy. On this day, the members of Haidike were also in full swing and sweating. For half a month's overtime work, the Colombian order was completed in high quality as scheduled.

Shanxian Haidike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in international medical consumables production and sales since its establishment. It is a manufacturing group with R & D, design and production. For many years, we have received high praise from customers from various countries. Haidike medical surgical sutures in the development of competition to continuously improve the level of technology. In the near future, Haidike set up a "research and development of high-end medical suture needlea and sutures " project. The project is supported by the technical support of the Luoyang base Ma Mingxing, Dr. Li Peixu and Professor Sun Shufeng of Qingdao Technological University, using a new generation of metal materials, and the use of laser micro nano manufacturing technology to improve the level of medical surgical suture needle manufacturing technology. At the same time, high-end medical absorbable sutures and other technical tackling problems. Forming the core technology with independent intellectual property rights, realize the manufacture of high-end medical surgical suture needle and thread. The project has attracted the attention of the government and investment institutions, which have been optimistic about the future of the project and expressed the intention of capital injection. It is believed that the project will also open the door to domestic sales for Haidike.