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Selection criteria for animal suture

date:2018-02-06 11:48:22 category:Industry news

According to the state regulations, there are certain criteria for the selection of animal suture.

  1. Basic requirements

    (1) type: suture is composed of a plurality of strands of silk (silk) into the combined coil winding.

    (2) material: natural silk (silk) line made.

    (3) color: it should be white.

    (4) specifications: the size of the suture, the diameter of the line, and the number of knots per length of each regiment are shown in the following table:


  2. technical requirement

    (1) appearance: smooth surface of suture, uniform dry strip, no stain and coating on the surface of line.

    (2) line diameter, length and number of knots: it should be in accordance with the provisions of the above table.

    (3) tensile strength: see the following table


  3. Packaging requirements

    The marking of the stitches should be clear.

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